About Qutub Minar
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  It is a well known fact that qutub minar history started with the Muslim rule in India. There are multiple facets of the....   It is a well known fact that Axis Minaret is the word which is used to aptly describe the Qutub Minar in an impeccable manner.   It is said that qutub minar facts comprise of different events which led to the construction of the building in an impeccable manner.  ...  
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About Qutub Minar

Advent of the qutub minar india has proved to be an amazing event for the people because they were enthralled by the imposing structure which was dedicated to the victory of Aibal against the Rajput King. The construction started in the year 1193 and it was completed within the span of 4 years.  Due to the cone like structure, the people admire it as an amalgamation of the Indian and Afghan school of arts. The

The qutub minar has witnessed numerous events in Delhi which have been of great historical significance but it stood the test of the time and is still standing tall among the ruins. UNESCO has been taking care of the site which is awesome and amazing according to the accounts of the visitors.  It is a well known fact that more than 3 million tourists visit the place regularly and are awestruck by its majestic experience. Presence of the garden allows people to relax and enjoy their trip in a wonderful way.

Qutub minar india is comprised of five stages which were gradually completed over the years in an amazing manner. Unique designs help to attract people in huge numbers.

Diameter at the base is quite huge and it measures about 40 meters but decreases in size due to the persistent difference in the architecture. Canonical structure provides a wonderful panoramic view of the city and is very popular among the people.  The base which is located on the ground is composed of different flutings provide unique appearance to the building.

The qutub minar is quite tall because it comprises of 379 steps which are extremely essential to reach the top of the tower.  There are other buildings of historical importance which are located nearby.  The sand stone structure is quite durable and would go a long way in providing desired results to the users. It comprises of the carvings which are imbibed in an amazing style and help people to educate about the Quran.