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Metro Route

The usage of Qutub minar metro station has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the users because it is crucial to travel to a particular place in a wonderful manner. Launch of the metro at the central secretariat could go a long way in making the trip easy and hassle free. Important information about metro could be found below

The metro has a total length of 12 km which helps the tourist to travel the distance in an easy and effective manner.  According to the qutub minar metro station map, the site lies along the route which connects the secretariat to the amazing satellite town of Gurgaon. The line lies along the metro corridor.

The metro will form an effective linkage to the noida and enable people to easily travel to the legendary site. Qutub minar metro station is located in the mid way and could provide welcome distraction to the users from the hustle and bustle of the city.

According to the qutub minar metro station map, the metro comprises of more than 10 small stations which go a long way in providing desired results. Green Park along with the Hauz Khas could provide awesome connectivity to the tourists and would help them to travel to the intended destination without any hiccups.

Authorities have designated the station as a very important transit point which would go a long way in delivering amazing results to the users. The line connecting the CST to the glittering city of Gurgaon is one of the most important routes that is known to offer the option of easy and hassle journey to the users.

Yellow line called by people would shorten the travel time to 48 minutes and help them to accomplish the task without any hiccups. The metro is an amazing mode of public transport because an individual could easily travel without experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city.  Since its construction, number of tourists visiting the site has increased manifold and has multiplied the revenue of the authorities.

Udyog Bhavan along with Saket provides perfect transit points for people who visit them for various purposes.  It is a well known fact that tourists are able to travel without switching different trains.

Total Number Of Trains Running On Jahangirpuri – Gurgaon Corridor

Stations like Jahangirpuri  and the one located in Gurgaon offer seamless connectivity to the arriving tourists.  A total of 40 stations would be constructed to offer different stoppages to the people so that they could enjoy the trip in an easy and hassle free manner.

Fare Structure

Prices of the tickets would remain unchanged and enable the people to reduce the expenditure.