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It is said that qutub minar facts comprise of different events which led to the construction of the building in an impeccable manner. The structure was constructed by the Aibak to commemorate the victory of the Turks over the Rajput Kings. According to some historians, kaki was a very famous saint of Iraq and iltutmush build the monument to commemorate his memory.  The tower is in the vicinity of other important monuments which attract people in huge numbers.

Interesting & Fun Facts About Qutab Minar:

It is considered to be the tallest structure in the world which is made of sandstone bricks

  • Monuments which are located near the Minar are integral parts of the tower and have been declared as very important national treasures
  • Its unique cone structure makes it a wonderful structure which has a diameter of about 14 meters at the base
  • The total height of the Qutib Minar is said to be more than 72 meters.
  • There are 379 steps to travel to the top and it requires huge effort from the people to accomplish the feat in amazing manner.
  • The Turkish sultan played a very important role in laying the foundation stone of the tower in the year 1199, however he passed away early leaving the task to his commander.
  • The tower was constructed to help the muezzin to deliver the call for praying to God. Therefore, it became one of the tallest statues because it provided enormous coverage in an amazing manner.
  • Aibak is credit for creating the base of the minar which was responsible for supporting the structure in an impeccable manner.
  • The name Qutub Minar was given to the monument in the memory of Aibak who was the first Sulatn of Delhi, however other historians believe that the name was assigned to the structure in the honor of a very famous saint from Baghdad.
  • Iltutmish who ruled in the 13 the century A.D was responsible for creating the three stories in an impeccable manner. The architecture was markedly different from the one which was used during the reign of Aibak.
  • Feroze Tuglaq who was a great patron of the architecture was responsible for the construction of the top floor which was of significantly lower diameter. It is a well known fact that many scripts including the Devnagri and Arabic are inscribed on the stones and provide detailed information about the history.
  • Qutub minar facts signify that R. Smith who was a major in British Army was responsible for the restoration of the site in an impeccable manner. According to the legend, Qutub Minar was designed from the Ruins of 27 temples in an impeccable manner.
  • Facts about qutub minar offer important information regarding the material used in the construction of the tower.