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It is a well known fact that qutub minar location is at a distance of 15 Km in the Southern Direction of Delhi.


The amazing iron pillar along with an awesome Alai Minar which captivates the imagination of people in a wonderful manner.


 The monument distinctly bears the imprint of the Afghan style which was prevalent in the medieval period.

Built By:

 The magnificent tower was built by the first Slave sultan of Delhi.

Historical Construction of a Landmark:

Aibak who was considered the first slave sultan of Delhi undertook the construction of the minar in an impeccable style. He successfully accomplished the task of designing the basement. The work was carried out by the Iltutmush who was able to create three floors. Due to various problems, the structure suffered partial destruction over a period of time. Therefore, Feroze Tuglaq undertook massive restoration work in an amazing manner and worked tirelessly to renovate the minar.   Analyzing the monument, one would realize that it was constructed over a period of few generations. Some people do not know where is Qutub minar and face lots of problems at their arrival in Delhi.

It is a well known fact that the building was able to hold on its own against the vagaries of time in an impeccable manner. UNESCO has declared the building as a part of the national heritage and would go a long way in providing the best results. Presence of an amazing garden enables the residents of the Delhi to take rest and relax in an efficient style. It is a well known fact that sand stones are used to create an amazing structure which attracts attention of large number of people. After the destruction, the top floor was repaired and the building was further elevated without any hiccups.

Qutub minar location can be found near the Connaught place which is considered to be the central shopping venue of Delhi.  People are quite happy to view an imposing building which is instrumental in offering the panoramic view of the city. Due to its close proximity with the railway station and other venues, it is quite easy to reach the intended destination in an easy and hassle free way. To know where is Qutub minar, it is important to access the metro or the bus to arrive at the preferred location in an impeccable manner. The trip would help the tourists to enjoy the moment without any hiccups.